Why Little Saps


There are several excellent companies that offer little trees as gifts and event favors. What makes Little Saps unique?


Healthy and Robust Seedlings

We grow and source only the healthiest and most robust seedlings, because we want your Little Sap to thrive in its new home. Our tree seedlings are typically 1-2 year old plants with a well-developed root system. Given basic care, they should grow into strong and mighty trees.

Little Saps healthy tree seedlings
Little Saps tree seedlings are healthy and robust

Chic and Elegant Design

Our design is simple, beautiful, and elegant. We pay attention to the smallest details and we are constantly refining and updating our look.

Little Saps gift trees let love grow
Little saps gift trees for all occasions

Inspired Messaging

All of our Little Saps come with an inspirational quote or phrase. We want these little gift trees to go out into the world spreading love and joy and hope. Whether it’s “All Things Grow with Love” or “Your Roots are Strong” or “Plant with Love” our trees encourage and uplift those that receive them.

Little Saps gift tree tags
Little Saps gift tree tags for all occasions

Commitment to the Environment

Our mission is to offer eco-conscious gifts that will work for the good of the planet for years to come. We believe that all of us have a responsibility to be good stewards of the world we live in. There are so many ways that trees benefit our planet, but one of the most important ways is carbon sequestration. Trees use Co2 during photosynthesis and an average size tree can store hundreds of pounds of Co2 over its lifetime. A true game-changer when it comes to helping the environment.

Little Saps is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment whenever possible. We are always looking for new ways to improve our growing, production, and shipping practices as well as work with vendors who share a similar commitment.