Little Saps tree seedlings in our greenhouse

Our Story

We dream big dreams – dreams of a new life together, of a child, that we will see our loved one again. We dream about creating something new and amazing, setting a record, or accomplishing a goal that is so awesome that we hardly dare to dream it. We also dream of a better world, one that is green and lush and beautiful – where all people are happy and healthy and free to dream their big dreams.

At Little Saps, we believe in big dreams too. We plant seeds, tiny seeds, and watch them grow into huge evergreens. We know that small things have giant potential. That’s why we started Little Saps.

Our tiny evergreens are available for holiday gifts, wedding favors, baby showers, memorials, corporate gifts, and more. We believe that our Little Saps will inspire people to dream big. We also believe that planting a tree makes the world a more beautiful, greener place. Do you have big dreams? Do you want to inspire others to dream big? Do you want to make the world a little greener? Together, we will plant a dream and watch it grow, one Little Sap at a time.

For more information about Little Saps, contact us.