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Little Saps. Big Dreams.

Little Saps.

Big Dreams.

Sustainable gifts to make the world

a greener place - one Little Sap at a time.


Give a gift that grows.

At Little Saps, we have big dreams. We dream of a better, greener world - a world filled with trees! We know that dreams and ideas, like trees, start with a tiny seed, but have the potential to grow into something truly awe-inspiring. Do you have big dreams? Do you want to make the world a greener place? It’s possible! Together, we can plant a dream and watch it grow, one Little Sap at a time.

Unique, sustainable, and darling - our Little Saps are the perfect gift to mark a special occasion, to brighten someone’s day, or to celebrate the holidays. Little Saps are truly the gift that grows - something that your friends and family can treasure for a lifetime. Packed, potted, or plain, we have multiple styles for you to choose from.

Are you interested in Little Saps for your next event or fundraiser? Click here to learn more about our events and fundraiser packages.