Arbor Day Ambitions: How An Agriculture Startup Plans To Populate The World With Trees

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and trees. What do all three of these things have in common? They are vital pieces of our future and also where innovation is happening right now. 

Carrie McClain, the founder of Little Saps, proves that innovation can be found in unexpected places -- in her case, the Fraser Fir trees populating the lush, rolling hills of Appalachia….  

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High Country Wedding Guide

Sap-pily Ever After: Go Green and Gift Guests a Wedding Favor that Grows on Them

Leave it to Carrie McClain, the daughter of Michigan turned North Carolina Christmas tree farmers, to see a surplus of evergreen saplings as a harbinger of dreams come true. When Carrie’s father began raising Fraser fir saplings, she found herself surrounded by “baby trees,” as she calls them, and was awestruck by their potential.

“I couldn’t believe something so tiny had the potential to grow so big,” Carrie says. “For a brief moment, I could hold something so gigantic in the palm of my hand.”


Ashe County Line

Making the world a greener place one tree at a time

Living in the High Country, we’re all surrounded by Christmas trees. Chances are, if you are a resident of Ashe County, you know at least one Christmas tree farmer. So, what makes Carrie McClain and Hart-T-Tree Farms so special, so different from the rest? The answer might be a bit sappy, but she really does make the world a greener place one baby tree at a time.

With her business, Little Saps, Carrie McClain is branching out into new territory for a Christmas tree farmer: marketing baby trees as a product. Carrie found herself surrounded by a multitude of seedlings on her father’s Grassy Creek farm.

“I fell in love with those baby trees!”

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