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Trees can mean many different things, so the themes that you can create around trees are endless. Growth, longevity, life, new life, foundation, stability, love, passion, inspiration. Whatever event you’re planning, tree seedlings can provide a way to inspire your guests.

Our tree seedling favors come assembled with:

  • Little Saps tree seedlings

  • Linen or burlap drawstring sack

  • Specialized product tag with inspirational quote and planting instructions

Favors are approximately 6-14" tall. Drawstring sacks are 3.5x5”.

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At Little Saps, our mission is to plant more trees. We want our trees to thrive in their new homes, so we grow and source only the healthiest and most robust seedlings. To learn about the types of trees we have, visit our Tree Types page.

Choose your drawstring sack and tree type (including growers choice) during checkout.