7 Ideas For a Sustainable Wedding

Are you getting married and hope to incorporate some earth-friendly and zero-waste ideas into your event? Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to be eco-conscious, throw a beautiful and memorable event, and maybe even save a little money!

Tree Seedling Wedding Favor

Idea #1: Rethink what you need for your big day.

In this day and age, it can be easy to buy too much stuff. It might take some discipline, but one way to go green on your big day is to think about what you really need to make the day all that you truly want it to be. Don’t over buy. Instead, buy only what you need and buy things that can be recycled or repurposed after the wedding is over. Tip: Choose an event venue that is beautiful on it’s own (requiring less decor).

Idea #2: Repurpose what you already have.

What items do you already have in your possession that you can use for your special day? Some things might easily come to mind - your mother’s wedding dress, your grandmother’s veil, your aunt’s jewelry - but perhaps there are other things lying around your house - or your parents’ house - that can be used for the event. Bridal Guide has some examples here.

Idea #3: Rent or buy reusable items.

If you do like to shop, visit flea markets and antique stores for items that can be given new life as wedding decor or tableware. Or check your local area to find a vendor that will rent repurposed plates, cups, and silverware. Tip: Mismatched sets of anything are very chic!

Idea #4: Work with your vendors.

Read up on the companies you would like to work with. Are any of them going above and beyond to conserve energy and reduce waste? You might be able to find florists who reuse blooms or caterers who source ingredients locally. If not, ask if they'd be willing to work together to make your event a little greener. GoGreenGiveBack has a list of green wedding vendors as well as gifts and other items that are earth-conscious.

Idea #5: Use items that are multi-purpose.

Think about how to use items in more than one way. Use bridal bouquets as centerpieces or wedding favors as place cards. Our favorite suggestion of course - use Little Saps tree seedlings as decor, favors, and place cards! Is there anything greener than a tree?

Idea #6: Recycle trash or donate leftovers.

Work with your venue or planner to set up a disposal system that includes recycle containers for cans and bottles and a compost bin for biodegradable substances, including fruits, vegetables, and plants. You can also recycle wedding flowers and donate leftovers.

Idea #7: Be conscious about your registry.

For your wedding registry, again, think about what you need. Pick plates and linens that are versatile. Choose products made with sustainable materials. Support companies that are doing good.

Idea #8: Give yourself grace and enjoy the process!

Lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. Neither do event planning norms. Don’t expect everything to be zero-waste or things to go exactly as planned. Remember to give yourself - and those around you - some grace. Enjoy the process. Weddings are about love and lifelong union. Everything else is just icing on the cake.