Little Saps - Potted (Large) in Brown Wicker

Little Saps - Potted (Large) in Brown Wicker

  • Potted evergreen tree sapling.

  • Can be re-planted outside or in a container as it grows.

  • Care instructions included.

  • Personalize your Little Saps with a special message.

  • Shipped nationwide.

  • Life span of 100 to 200 years!

“Amazing, amazing company and has huge heart! Wonderful product…. Can’t wait to purchase again!” - Kelly B.

Give a gift that grows

Inspire your loved ones with the gift of a potted tree! Our potted Little Saps are a great gift for special occasions or just because. Little Saps - Potted (Large) in Brown Wicker comes pre-planted in a brown wicker decorative gift pot.  Our specialized product tag with an inspirational quote and planting instructions is also included. Personalize your Little Saps - Potted (Large) with a special message to the recipient.

** The tree featured in these photos is a Colorado Blue Spruce. **

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We will select a tree that works best for the zone that the tree will be shipped to. To learn more about the types of trees we grow, visit our Tree Types page.  Seedlings are approximately 20-22" from base to tip, but the product is 26-28" high and 7” wide with planter. Heights will vary. Our Little Saps - Potted (Large) are in decorative gift pots that do not provide much drainage. Water gently and plant in a larger container with good drainage or outdoors as soon as possible. To learn more about planting and care instructions, visit our Care page.

SHIPPING: To ensure a fresh product, we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays if the weather is warm. All seedlings are shipped from North Carolina and depending on the destination, will take 2-5 business days to arrive. Read more about our shipping terms and conditions.