Event Packages

Give your guests a gift that grows and bring Little Saps to your next event.  Our tree seedlings are perfect for weddings, corporate events, promotions, and more.  We grow and source only the healthiest and most robust seedlings, because we want your Little Sap to thrive in its new home.  We can customize each Little Sap for your event or you can buy them plain to decorate yourself.  We offer four different event packages, depending on your needs and aesthetic.    

Little Saps Customized Event Package

Customized Event Package

We work with you to customize the look of your Little Saps, offering a variety of packaging options as well as a personalized event tag. Customized Little Saps will also include our specialized product tag with care instructions and an inspirational quote.

Little Saps Essential Event Package

Essentials Event Package

We pack each tree seedling in a burlap or linen drawstring sack and tie it with raffia (optional).  Each seedling in the Essentials Event Package will come with our specialized product tag that includes care instructions as well as an inspirational quote.

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Do It Yourself Event Package

Basically, the DIY Event Package is our Essentials Event Package unassembled.  We will send you seedlings, linen or burlap drawstring sacks, our specialized product tags, and suggestions to assemble your Little Saps by yourself.

Little Saps DIY Event Package

Au Naturel Event Package

We will send you seedlings and let you create your own signature look.  The Au Naturel Event Package does not come with our specialized product tag, but will come with general care and planting instructions for you to pass along to your guests.

Little Saps are multipurpose - they can be used as decor and favors.  Once home, they can be planted in a container or a yard.  

To learn more about the tree types that we use, visit our Tree Types page. To view Little Saps at past events, check out our Design Gallery. To order, fill out our online event order form.