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Customized Event Package

We work with you to customize the look of your Little Saps, offering a variety of packaging options as well as a personalized event tag. Customized Little Saps will also include our specialized product tag with care instructions and an inspirational quote.

Favors are approximately 6-14" tall.  To learn about the types of trees we use, visit our Tree Types page.

Pricing for our Customized Event Package is based on volume and customization choices.  Seedlings start at:

  • $9.50 - 10+ seedlings

  • $9.00 - 25+ seedlings

  • $8.50 - 100+ seedlings

  • $8.00 - 200+ seedlings

Basic customization includes a personalized, pre-formatted tag created in-house. Cost of further customization depends on packaging and design.

Please contact us with further questions about our Customized Event Package.  To order, fill out our online event order form.