4 Reasons Why Tree Seedlings are Perfect for Events

There are so many wonderful things that you can give your guests, customers, family, and friends when they attend an event, but there are few things as celebratory and memorable as a tree. When I started Little Saps, I kept hearing the same story again and again, “Oh, I remember getting a tree as a wedding favor or baby shower gift or corporate Christmas gift. I just loved it! I still have that tree.”

Little Saps Tree Seedlings for Event Favors

It’s amazing how excited people get about baby trees. But I get it. The first time I held a tree seedling, I was mesmerized. For a brief moment, I could hold something so immense in the palm of my hand. Something that would grow roots down into the depths of the soil and branches that would spread to the heavens. Something that had the potential to grow beyond my ability to hold it and into places that I would never know. I was in love!

There is something about trees that touch us in the very core of our being. Trees seem to have a deep knowing, a wisdom, that we are drawn to. They have inspired poets, artists, and writers the world over. Many of us have memories of a particular tree that we climbed when we were little or had picnics under or provided a place to sit and think. They are the backdrop of our lives and we use them to mark the passage of time.

And all the while, trees are working to provide for us. They are keeping our soil intact and loose so we can plant food. They are absorbing carbon dioxide and creating oxygen for us to breathe. They are cleaning our air by trapping dust and pollen specks. Their bark provides medicine, their wood gives us houses and fuel for fires, their fruit gives us food. Trees are simply amazing!

So, why are tree seedlings perfect for events?

Reason #1: People are delighted with a tree.

I think we’ve already explored this one, so I’ll move on!

Reason #2: Trees are symbolic.

Trees can mean many different things, so the themes that you can create around trees are endless. Growth, longevity, life, new life, foundation, stability, love, passion, inspiration. Whatever event you’re planning, tree seedlings can provide a way to inspire your guests. A wedding? Plant love or let love grow. A baby shower? Plant with love and watch me grow. A family reunion? Our roots run deep. A memorial? Celebrate life or plant in memory of. A product launch or capital campaign? Grow with us.

Reason #3: Trees are a gift that grows.

Trees are not a one-use gift. They are a gift that keeps on giving - and growing! You don’t have to have a big yard to plant a tree seedling. A tree seedling can be planted in a container. One couple told me that they lived in an apartment in San Francisco when they received a tree seedling at a wedding. They planted the tree in a container and when it grew, planted it in a bigger one. Eventually, they moved and planted the tree in the yard at their new house.

Reason #4: Trees are eco-friendly.

It goes without saying that trees are eco-friendly. If you are into zero-waste gifts - a tree is perfect. Or maybe you’re someone who thinks our planet could use more trees. If so, giving the gift of a tree will encourage others to plant more trees. Even if you don’t consider yourself “green” - most of us recognize that giving something natural just feels right.

At Little Saps, our mission is to plant more trees. We want our trees to thrive in their new homes, so we grow and source only the healthiest and most robust seedlings. We are committed to making your event a success, so we will work with you to ensure that your Little Saps inspire and delight. To learn more about our event packages, visit our Events & Promotions page. If you have any questions about bringing Little Saps to your next event, don’t hesitate to contact us.